Dynamical Systems seminar is supported by RFBR project 20-01-00420-a and Laboratory Poncelet.

Участник:Ilya Schurov

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Scientific interests Dynamical systems: slow-fast systems, limit cycles, attractors.



  • 2006 — 2009. Moscow State University, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics. Ph.D. student. Differential equations, under supervision of Yulij Sergeevich Ilyashenko.
  • 2001 — 2006, Moscow State University, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics. Student. Graduated cum laude.


Conference talks

Scientific schools participation

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Teaching experience

  • Junior mechanics and mathematics faculty («Малый мехмат МГУ»), 2001-2007, senior teacher.
  • Participation in Limit cycles special course in Independent University of Moscow (2 lectures), 2009.
  • Ordinary differential equations course in Math in Moscow program, Independent University of Moscow & State University — Higher School of Economics (jointly with Yury Kudryahov), Spring 2010.


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