Dynamical Systems seminar is supported by RFBR project 16-01-00748-a and Laboratory Poncelet.

Summer School 2015

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Summer School on Dynamical Systems — 2015 will take place in Ratmino (Dubna, Russia) in July 3 — 13, 2015.


The school is organized by Moscow Center of Continuous Mathematical Education and Laboratoire J.-V.Poncelet with support of Dynasty Foundation.

Organizing Committee:

  • Yulij Ilyashenko
  • Yury Kudryashov
  • Stanislav Minkov
  • Ivan Shilin
  • Ilya Schurov
  • Ivan Yaschenko

Program Committee:

  • Yulij Ilyashenko
  • Michael Tsfasman

Contact: ischurov (at) hse.ru.

Confirmed speakers

  • Christian Bonatti (Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne)
  • Yulij Ilyashenko (HSE, MSU, IUM, Steklov inst. & Cornell university)
  • Yury Kudryashov (HSE)
  • Ilya Schurov (HSE)