Dynamical Systems seminar is supported by RFBR project 20-01-00420-a and Laboratory Poncelet.

Dynamical Systems 2019

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Conference "Dynamical Systems 2019" continues tradition of Summer Schools "Dynamical Systems" organized by Yu. Ilyashenko's seminar.

  • Venue: Maslovo resort, Mosсow Region, Odintskovsky district, Maslovo.
  • Dates: June 26 — July 6, 2019.

Main topics

  • Attractors
  • Bifurcations
  • Holomorphic foliations
  • Analytic theory of ordinary differential equations
  • Complex dynamics


Founding institutions

Logo hse.png

Organizing committee

  • Yulij Ilyashenko
  • Ivan Shilin
  • Stanislav Minkov

Program committee

  • Yulij Ilyashenko
  • Victor Kleptsyn
  • Alexey Klimenko

Confirmed speakers

  • Yulij Ilyashenko, HSE University
  • Alexey Klimenko, HSE University
  • Yury Kudryashov, Cornell University
  • Natalia Goncharuk, Cornell University
  • Eugene Kurenkov, HSE University
  • Victor Kleptsyn, Institut de Recherche Mathématique de Rennes, France
  • Dmitry Filimonov, HSE University
  • Boris Shleifman, HSE University
  • Khudoyor Mamayusupov, HSE University
  • Tatiana Firsova, Kansas State University
  • Stanislav Minkov, INEUM
  • Andrey Dukov, MSU
  • Ivan Shilin, HSE University
  • Ilya Schurov, HSE University